Moon Shipping Co.

A boutique Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle store looking to communicate their unique design approach through their branding.

Moon Shipping Co. is a carefully curated home and design store in Tyrella Beach, Ireland. Moon Shipping Co.’s revolving collection features Scandinavian pieces built with quality and craftsmanship.

When we first drew up the concept of Moon Shipping Co, we realized primarily the we had to get the branding right. Not having much experience in this field, we thankfully had Loki Creative to turn to. As a new dynamic company dealing in unique home decor with a heavy scandinavian influence, we wanted a logo/branding that really fitted our ethos. Loki understood this straight away and worked tirelessly to achieve it. They explained the importance of a logo design that could be dynamic and organic, one that could work across all mediums and formats, without compromising the main message and still hold the possibility to evolve as the company grew.  Working with Loki, we got so much more out of it than we ever could have imagined and we are very thankful for this.‘ 

Greg Brown, Founder, Moon Shipping Co


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