Busters Towing

The leading Vancouver towing company needed a new look which signified strength, reliability and trust.

Busters Towing has proudly been serving Vancouver since 1946. They are trusted towing professionals with the largest fleet of light, medium, and heavy duty tow trucks in Western Canada. Busters Towing has a strong reputation in Vancouver and is a household name as provider of towing services for the City of Vancouver.

Loki Creative was engaged to develop a brand that could bring Busters Towing a modern look that could reflect the company today and in the future as they grow, while being sensitive to the company’s strong sense of history. We also created a user-friendly website that allowed towing customers to quickly and easily find their car or call for a tow when they are in difficult situations.

The new Busters towing website has now launched and the new logo will roll out across their fleet of over 80 vehicles in the coming months.



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