Studiostone Creative

Studiostone Creative needed a new look and system which signified creativity, community and craft. 


 The Studiostone Creative brand identity and system was inspired by the connection of three. Three artists/ owners, three dimensional art and the three aspects of the business. To represent these inspirations we created a 3D icon nicknamed the ‘Crafty Cube’ which consists of three sides and three colours representing the 3 different businesses.  The overall identity is fun, creative and engaging, while maintaining a professional, big brand and design-forward look. The palette is bright and exciting with colours that represent nature, creativity, adventure, experience and wisdom. Brand patterns were inspired by the carving process our team undertook, with visual representations of both the stone and the marks left by the carving file and also representing the energy while engrossed in carving. The final result is an agile, clean and modern identity that works across all mediums and stands out from competitors.

Studiostone Creative are thrilled that we partnered with Loki to create our Branding Identity. Their understanding of the scope of work and process has been rock solid every step of the way, exceeding expectations.

Paul and Anisa are great to work with because they’re excellent communicators with real expertise and illuminating talent. The creative work they built for us is contemplative, beautiful , strong and effective. I highly recommend Loki and the value they bring to the table. I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.


Kent Laforme – Director. Studiostone Creative Inc.


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