Unblocking writer’s block.

Writeway’s suite of applications helps writers to improve focus and increase productivity by organizing scattered inspirations. For our collaboration, we were invited to revamp and unify Writeway and its subbrand’s identities.

Our approach was to find a way to illustrate the free creativity of the writing process while incorporating the many functionalities of the Writeway platform.

One of the main challenges was finding a way to cohesively represent all five of the Writeway applications while creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing kit of parts that is easily identifiable and has ease of use.

We started working with Loki after I spotted their logo and branding work for North Shore, Tidal and many others. I love that they don’t just design a logo, they design a brand identity and turn your vision into a lifestyle. As a B2C SaaS tech company, I didn’t want to stick to traditional software branding. I wanted to ensure our brand was seen as an essential part of everyday life, and our new branding through Loki relates to our target market. From their thought process to brand guidelines, Loki’s is thorough with their work. You don’t have to imagine the marketing opportunities, Loki presents their branding suggestions in a variety of settings at every stage of the process. We are in love with our new brand identity. Loki Creative is a high quality agency that I’d recommend for any company either a start-up looking to establish a strong brand, or an established company looking to refresh their look.

Elizabeth George

Marketing and Strategy Manager


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