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From its exposed-brick buildings and cobblestone streets that paints its historic past to numerous shops and restaurants/cafés, it is no surprise that Gastown is one of the must-see tourist spots in Vancouver.

We love the fact that the neighbourhood is a busy tourist hub, keeping Gastown as lively as it can be, you cannot forget about the locals and the faces we see every day! The places where we regularly get our morning coffee, where we pick up pizza on our lunch break, and where we wind down after a busy week. We’re not ones to keep these secrets to ourselves and love to recommend places to check out on your way out of our office.

Here are just some of the spots that the Loki team loves to support in our neighbourhood. Check them out next time you visit!



Revolver’s coffee is Loki Creative’s first routine for that morning pick-me-up before starting the workday. That feeling of walking into a hustle and bustle environment, seeing other creatives connect and collaborate build that excitement feeling of the day just getting started. Revolver offers so many different types of coffee; with beans originating from Japan and Ireland to beans freshly roasted locally here in Vancouver (Loki tip – we love the Phil & Sebastian) The staff never ceases to offer service without a smile and answers to any questions you may have so that you can have a great cup of coffee and café experience.

Revolver coffee shop

man pouring a latte


Di Beppe

Once it hits lunch time, there’s one place (out of many others) that Loki Creative will always gravitate towards and that is Di Beppe. Not only does Di Beppe make amazing food, but it also has an amazing interior that speaks volumes of the experience one may have during their visit. With an inspiring place attracting inspiring people, it is always packed with people full of life and ideas. It does not matter which time of day it is, how hungry you are and who you are with, Di Beppe is both a restaurant and a café that can be visited as a group for a meeting or for some solo wind down with a slice of pizza and a cappuccino.


Old Faithful Shop

It has come to no surprise that design and attention to detail is very important to us. The Old Faithful Shop just manages to check both of those boxes with no hesitation. Once the office or home is lacking in products or decoration, the Old Faithful Shop is the place to be. Inspired by the shop floors of the Founder’s Grandparents’ General Stores kept at a minimal design, it has attracted a huge audience of high-end lifestyle shoppers working in the technology, art and design industry. It is not just another store that sells your everyday needs and home decoration, it is a store that pays tribute to the saying “quality over quantity”, plus it has the best shopkeep around Donald, who is always there to lend a hand with your choices and chat design!

Shelves with plant pots and brick wall

Old Faithful Shop sign



If survival gear, stationery, and home goods are needed but quality still needs to be kept in mind, Litchfield would be the perfect store to shop at. Litchfield is a lifestyle boutique that offers simple but high-quality products curated carefully using inspiration from the owner’s lifestyle and family aesthetic. As aesthetic plays a huge role in Litchfield’s reputation, product knowledge does so as well. The nice and approachable staff makes it easier to shop around and know more about what you are about to purchase.

Litchfield Design store


Juice Bar/  Birds & The Beets

Instagram-friendly coffee shop by day, natural wine bar by night. Thanks to its spacious layout, delicious coffees, and cozy atmosphere Birds and the Beets is one of our favourite places when we want to take a meeting outside of the office. But you may not know that as the day ends and it is finally time to wind down with some partners and friends, Birds & The Beets turns into a natural wine bar called Juice Bar. It is a great place to try out new natural wine with an ever-changing menu of small plates and natural wines from around the world. This dimly lit but vibrant bar with pulsing atmosphere takes us out of the city reminding us of our trips to New York. A great place to relax and recharge after a long day.

Birds and the beets coffee shop


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