The Macnabs have had their real estate license since 2008. Jordan and Russ grew up with a builder for a father and designer for a mother, so they had no choice but to become creative entrepreneurs. Working with the family business into their twenties, it was the unexpected passing of their father which made the brothers search for a new career path. With their past experience in construction, design, decorative finishing, marketing, TV/film production, and running their own business, they felt real estate was the perfect fit.

When the Vancouver market slowed in 2008, it was a tough couple years as the guys rode the crazy learning curve of the real estate game. But, because it was a struggle and challenge, it forced them to become better agents and really hone their craft.
MACNABS Vancouver Loki Creative Graphic Design

After separately working for a handful of different companies and brokerages, in 2012, Russ and Jordan decided it was best to once again, to join forces and collaborate together on their own new school real estate website and brand. The Macnabs was born.

Always looking to be different, one of first unique marketing ventures for the Macnabs was the Vancouver Crib Crawl which Loki Creative designed the logo for. The Crib Crawl was a pub crawl style open house tour where they took a limo bus full of potential buyers to five different open house parties across Vancouver. They also use a drone to step up video production for their listings – check it out at the end of this post.

Macnabs vancouver lofts Loki Creative Graphic Design

Jordan Macnab said of his experience with Loki Creative, “We first came to Loki Creative looking for help with the design for the Crib Crawl logo. They delivered a logo that was WAY more then we were expecting and it blew our minds! Having run our own extreme sports clothing company back in the day, we really understand the importance of a good solid logo and were really pumped when they delivered.

“So, we gave Loki Creative the task of coming up with a new logo design idea we had for our films and signs. The Macnabs blues brother style logo. Again, our minds were blown and the compliments started coming in. They were making us look GOOOD!

After that, we decided our original logo was no longer good enough and needed the Loki touch. We wanted a simple but solid logo where the ‘M’ of The Macnabs could be used on it’s own. And once again, Loki Creative KILLED it and it was so good, we had to rebrand everything.

You are only as strong as your branding and thanks to Loki for helping us build our confidence in the real estate game”.

Find out more about The Macnabs at and see more of their listings here.

Real Estate Videos Using Quadcopter Drone from theMACNABS on Vimeo.