Here at Loki, we’re avid Jazz listeners and appreciators of the art of improvisation, we believe that a great jazz song or album is very much like a successful design project. For us, Jazz has never really been about sitting around to receive a work of art delivered by a group of musicians. But instead, it’s more about witnessing and maybe even being part of a live collaborative process. In group settings and live performances, players communicate with one another. They don’t just play the number or present it, they don’t just imitate the song as it is on an album, they don’t give a packaged product. No, jazz musicians build a song and tell a story through sound and movement. They pass it amongst themselves like a creative hot potato. They dialogue. They converse. They elaborate. They customize. We love and honour this process and aim to do the same with our projects.

We thought it would be great fun to create an eclectic mix of fine jazz tracks for your listening pleasure. Maybe you’re painting, maybe designing, maybe writing, maybe you are just sitting listening! Nonetheless, we wanted you to be a part of it. We also asked our friend, President of the International Council Of Design and fellow Jazz enthusiast Johnathon Strebly to share some of his favourite artists and tracks too. He picked some bangers! We particularly loved his Duke Ellington & John Coltrane track choice “In A Sentimental Mood” – The unexpected time change mid track is flawless.

Please enjoy and feel free to share some of your favourite tracks too.