Misfit Diamonds thought about doing it like everyone else, but where’s the fun in that?

The Challenge

We were excited to take on the challenge presented by Misfit Diamonds, a distinctive diamond wholesale enterprise seeking to revolutionize the industry norms. Misfits stands apart as an accessible and engaging player in the field, committed to reshaping the diamond business landscape through innovative practices and customer-centric approaches. We aimed to craft a brand identity that resonates with the Misfits unconventional ethos and core values.  We wanted to capture and encapsulate this unique essence and transform it into a powerful brand narrative.


Our insights

We learned that the world of Misift Diamonds, conformity takes a back seat. It was imperative that our approach to crafting their brand identity reflected this audacious ethos. We didn't merely aim to create a brand; we set out to encapsulate a mindset—a mindset that thrives on disregarding the rulebook.

The Story

Breaking free from the shackles of uniformity, we conceptualized multiple logo designs that shattered the norm. Each logo was a visual embodiment of Misfit Diamonds' ethos—a bold mosaic of daring shapes and vibrant colors. Our designs pushed the boundaries, weaving together asymmetry and creativity to mirror the diamonds' distinctive attitude. To stand out, we embraced the extraordinary. Our graphic devices and illustrations were designed with purpose—to captivate, intrigue, and leave a lasting impression. From shattered patterns to intricate illustrations  each element was a testament to the brand's fearless identity.