The Brief:

Shore Coffee Co is a coffee roasters and soon-to-be café located in North Vancouver B.C. The roasters was formed by world traveller Richard Liddiard upon returning home to Vancouver after being inspired by the coffee farms around the globe.

We partnered with Shore Coffee Co to help position their coffee to a growing and discerning customer base. Shore Coffee Co. needed to be perceived as local but appeal to customers from around the world as it is stocked in the finest coffee shops.


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The Project:

Shore Coffee Co’s branding is minimalist and looks to enhance the roaster’s sense of place and identity based upon both its spiritual homes of coffee farms around the world and physical home on the North Shore. We decided that all design treatments should gather inspiration from its sense of home.

Every component reflects the natural elements that Vancouver’s North Shore is known for. The brand is a call to home as the product travels the world, the same as its creator. The project encompassed branding, an e-commerce based web design and build, and product packaging.

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