Time for a rebrand? Is your business moving forward but your look stuck in the past?

While a business’ identity is made up of far more than just the visual identity (logo, colour palette, fonts etc), aesthetics play a huge role in the branding process. Branding is about setting your brand apart from competitors and standing out.

Consider a brand refresh like a makeover, a change of wardrobe, a change of how you are perceived. First impressions count and just because you can still fit in those outfits from high school, doesn’t mean you should.

Reasons why you would change your brand identity:

  1. To make it cleaner and simpler
  2. To modernize it and make it relevant
  3. Your products or services have changed and you want it to better reflect who you are
  4. To show your business has changed or is changing
  5. To signal who your company is becoming and capture those customers who will be interested
  6. To better capture who you are and reach that target audience
  7. To prepare for growth and signal who you are becoming
  8. To be bold and stand out in busy markets
  9. To show you care – you are active and investing in your brand
  10. To engage and retain current customers while attracting those customers you didn’t reach originally.

A brand refresh doesn’t have to be a complete or an enormous change. It can keep or change a number of the visual elements. It can be a general modernizing of the overall brand, keep the logo but change the look, change messaging and update colours, or an update while retaining a visual connection.

The brand refresh will maintain the consumer connection to how the brand was seen before, while moving forward into the modern era. A transformation in identity and brand system for the same name.

So is your current brand an asset or liability for your company?

Belfast-based company Airpos approached us for a rebrand. They wanted to update their look whilst maintaining the same colour values.

While keeping a similarity in the logomark, we updated and rejuvenated the form to create a sleeker, cleaner look. So, the colour palette was revived, keeping familiar tones but moving them to current times.

Our goal was to bring an energy to the brand, balancing taking what makes Airpos who they are and finding a way to revive it with vitality, life and confidence in the POS Software market.

Is it time to change focus for your company? Do you want to increase visibility and sales, claim your position and rise above competitors? Maybe it’s time for a change?


Airpos brand refresh before and after


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