With a profound belief in sustainable living and a deep connection to local culture, Altos embarks on a remarkable journey of building homes that embrace the soul of the land and cultivate vibrant, interconnected communities.

The challenge

Creating design story for a new Vancouver development company amidst a landscape brimming with established developers presents a multifaceted challenge that requires a strategic and innovative approach and understanding. In a city where the real estate and development sector is bustling with activity, differentiating your brand and creating a narrative that resonates is vital.

Our insight

Delving into the rich history of the founders family of Altos, we uncovered a narrative woven with threads of precision and expertise. Across generations, their ancestral professions – ranging from carpenters and chemists to mathematics aficionados – bore the hallmark of exactitude. This legacy of precision became the cornerstone of our brand's storytelling journey.

The answer

Through an exploration of their ancestral professions, where precision was not just a skill but a legacy, we've unearthed a narrative that resonates with purpose. Our palette, carefully curated to reflect the essence of intelligence and sophistication, serves as an extension of the Altos legacy. This pattern of interwoven letters celebrates the notion that precision isn't just a technical skill; it's a language that spells out the legacy of ALTOS.