The best demands the best. It’s always been that way and always will be. That’s why MacDonald Realty, British Colombia’s oldest and most prestigious real estate agency, were uncompromising in the work they demanded and the message it delivered.


In a sector increasingly dominated by agencies positioned as the next big thing, we had to re-establish Macdonald Realty as the first big thing, the current big thing and the future big thing.

Our insight

We didn’t have to find new things to say – MacDonald Realty has a brilliant reputation and heritage – we just had to find new ways to say them. To cut through and be heard across the current noise of image-led, lifestyle-cloaked agency positioning. Fashion fades. Style endures. We used that proven principle to reinvigorate the MacDonald Realty brand. Sustained energy rather than a quick sugar rush.

Our answer

We stayed true to the brand’s existing heritage, tweaking it a little to give it a modern sensibility and then pushing forward with traditional, respected values. When you’re making the biggest investment of your life, trust matters. Wide experience across multiple property purchase, investment and management opportunities is key. Nothing less than everything will do.