Crafting modern homes designed by award-winning architects 

The Manifest brand identity is inspired by connecting a contemporary company with the heritage and roots of a passion that is hereditary.

The visual identity incorporates the frames, space and lines of an award-winning mid-century modern home, The Porter Residence, designed by an ancestor of Manifest Principal, Stephen Wright.

Intrigued by the design and architectural support elements of the building, the complexities have been reduced to its simplest form and structure for the visual identity. Many elements have come together and then been taken away to create a visually appealing negative space wordmark that nods to the Manifest values of transparency, connectivity, and collaboration.

The final solution is a bold, sturdy modern wordmark that conveys strength and confidence. The modernity is balanced with a mid-century inspired colour palette representing a talent and passion that is in the blood.

‘Paul and his team are thoughtful, highly intuitive communicators. They quickly deciphered essential unspoken elements that powerfully strengthened the brand and won my confidence to hand over the reins. Their process is very collaborative and cumulative – never off-base random stabs into the void. Loki’s Mood Board development is expansive and creatively stimulating, but was already significantly on target (aka – no time/money wasted). Every step was methodical, efficient, fresh. Loki was successful in establishing our brand through a potent medley of graphic elements, colours, an icon and a super cool wordmark that we could never have done on our own.

Our brand is both timely and timeless. It is highly recognizable, memorable and will easily outlive current design trends.
As human beings, loki is an uncommon collective of sublime, cool, hip, witty and playful, honest people who do what they say in a very timely, organized and professional manner. Their pricing is very fair and represents real value for the money. In a nutshell: They totally killed it.”

Stephen Wright, Principal, Manifest Construction Management Inc.


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