Manifest helps crafting modern homes designed by award-winning architects 

The Challenge

Developing a brand identity for a project management company specializing in contemporary designed homes and West Coast modern design presents an exciting yet nuanced challenge. The fusion of contemporary aesthetics with the distinctive West Coast style offers a unique proposition, but it also requires a carefully orchestrated brand  strategy to effectively capture and communicate this essence.

Our Insight

At the heart of our visual identity lies the narrative thread that weaves through time, connecting our present to a remarkable past. The iconic Porter Residence, an award-winning mid-century modern marvel, stands not just as a beacon of architectural brilliance but as a living testament to our heritage. Designed by an ancestor of Manifest's Principal, Stephen Wright, this home serves as the foundation upon which our brand story is built.

The Solution

The Manifest brand identity serves as a powerful bridge between modernity and tradition, seamlessly blending the contemporary essence of their ethos with the deep-rooted heritage of a passion that has been passed down through generations. The visual identity incorporates the frames, space and lines of an award-winning mid-century modern home, The Porter Residence, designed by an ancestor of Manifest Principal, Stephen Wright.