Librarian liberation!

For librarians who spend too long behind the checkout desk and not enough time doing what they were trained for and love, Meescan sets them free. It’s a self-checkout system and smartphone app that’s simple to install and effortless for patrons to use. It allows librarians to get on with what they do best: organizing the library’s database, reaching out to their local community, helping people track down information, and engaging with patrons.

Here to help librarians and libraries of all shapes and sizes, to provide a better service to their patrons, by creating library solutions that solve problems and make self check out easier, simpler, and more affordable.

Librarian Liberation!

It doesn’t take political incompetence, social unrest or economic oppression to start a revolution. This one was caused by long queues at library check-out desks.

Meescan is here to lead it.


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