OneCity Vancouver is a local political party dedicated to tackling urban challenges, enhancing transportation systems, promoting affordable housing, and advancing social justice initiatives within the city.

The challenge

OneCity Vancouver faced significant challenges in establishing its brand identity and gaining recognition within the political landscape. The party encountered difficulties in solidifying its name and mission in the minds of the public. This struggle to create a lasting impression hindered their ability to effectively communicate their values and objectives.

Our insight

During our exploration with OneCity Vancouver, we recognized them as a dedicated and passionate collective. Comprising individuals who are deeply committed to their values, they exhibit a strong focus on driving tangible actions. Their relentless pursuit of equity and justice within local politics is evident, and their dynamism is palpable, propelling a vibrant and impactful movement forward. Our objective was to mirror this invigorating energy into the new identity.

The answer

We forged an identity centered around typography, capturing the essence of passion, determination, and vitality. The typography exudes a sense of fluid motion and diverse viewpoints, establishing a compelling link to the party's constituents. The logo and its complementary identity elements intricately capture the essence of motion, progress, and the multifaceted viewpoints woven together within the fabric of OneCity Vancouver.