Tidal Brewing

Tasteful identity for a tasty new brewery. As we’re big brewery fans in the office and fond of the odd Friday afternoon tipple, we were very excited when Tidal Brewing approached us to craft a new vision and identity for the Qualicum Beach brewery. Tidal Brewing is the newest addition to this fast-growing brewery community.  Tidal will be the friendly community hub in years to come, the welcoming committee for tourists, and a fun place to be for hardened hopheads.

As a startup in a fast-growing industry, we had to craft something that would help their business stand out amongst the competition. Before we began concept exploration phase, we needed to meet the people at the heart of Tidal and discover what makes Tidal Brewing, Tidal Brewing.

Our approach was to create a brand that reflects the area and its community as well as the superior Tidal Brewing experience. The final result is something accessible to young folks and old, the local community, and those just stopping by for a visit. The resulting identity is relatable to all and as welcoming as Qualicum’s locals, defining in its sense of place with colours, textures, and shapes all inspired by the natural beauty of the region.

The identity was inspired by Qualicum’s defining assets – the beach, the waters and tidal pools, the views of the gulf islands, and its surrounding nature and wildlife.


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