Vancouver’s North Shore

Nowhere Better Natured

Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association is a destination marketing organization that promotes the North Shore as a unique four-season tourist destination. The region that VNSTA promotes spans from Deep Cove in North Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver and includes three municipalities: District of West Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and the City of North Vancouver.

We immersed ourselves in the culture, the landscape, the history and the people.  Our discovery led us to that there’s simply nowhere better natured. Whether it’s the community spirit from the unique neighbourhoods that welcomes you with open arms, the beautiful landscape that leaves every visitor in awe or the world class outdoor activities, there’s nowhere better natured. The logo reflects the regions multiple perspectives with its characterful, elongated typography that was inspired by indigenous art and also nods to the spectacular North Shore Mountain line. We created a visual identity system that underscores The North Shores key brand pillars: Community spirit, Outdoor recreation, Nature, and the proximity of their wild to their city experiences. The vibrant and bold colours are inspired from the region’s heritage and roots.

Photography & production partner: Inmist

‘“The brand captures more than the breathtaking landscape we are known for. For the visitor, the new brand is designed to create a sense of belonging, fulfillment and a connection to nature, the people and themselves through their time spent on Vancouver’s North Shore. We are thrilled with the work Loki has created and will continue this strong partnership to keep strengthening and evolving the North Shore brand’

Mun Bagri, Executive Director of Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism


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