Vancouver’s North Shore

Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association is a destination marketing organization comprised of three municipalities: The District of West Vancouver, The District of North Vancouver, and the City of North Vancouver that promotes the North Shore as a unique, multifaceted, four-season tourist destination. Loki was hired to create a new strategy and destination brand identity that the whole region could get behind.

We immersed ourselves in the culture, landscape, history and the people. Through stakeholder workshops, online surveys and in-house research we discovered what makes Vancouver’s North Shore, Vancouver’s North Shore.

A key part of Loki Creative’s positioning strategy was to build on the brand pillar of wild experiences minutes away from the city by forming the identity to align with sister Destination Marketing organizations of Destination Canada, Destination BC while also sitting comfortably with Tourism Vancouver’s identity. The final result is a brand identity that can promote wilderness and urban experiences alike.

Vancouver’s North Shore’s visual identity represents the massive spectrum of activities and locations within the region. It was important to create a visual identity flexible enough to work alongside visuals from these varied activities and stakeholders as well as partner regions in Vancouver and British Columbia.

The logo’s elongated typography reflects the destination’s multiple perspectives with a nod to its history and indigenous carvings and the mountainous landscape visible from Downtown Vancouver that the area is so well known for.

We created a visual identity system that underscores The North Shores strengths: Community spirit, Outdoor recreation, Nature, and the proximity to the City of Vancouver. The vibrant and bold colours are inspired from the regions heritage and roots.

The resulting destination brand projects the exhilaration and adventure the visitors and residents said the North Shore represents to them. Vancouver’s North Shore is a place to do things, to go wild, connect with people, nature and yourself, our identity performs this energy with a unique feel and constant pulse.

We also created an infinite graphic system to continually carry the spirit and energy of the destination throughout their marketing campaigns and ads. The flexible system was created using envelope distortion tools that represent water, shoreline, mountain rock, and forest terrains on Vancouver’s North Shore.  Creating an easy-to-implement graphic tool that would allow Vancouver’s North Shore future print and digital campaigns to maintain consistency and cohesive messaging for years to come.

Whether it’s the community spirit from the unique neighbourhoods that welcomes you with open arms, the beautiful landscape that leaves every visitor in awe or the world class outdoor activities, there’s nowhere better natured.

Brand Video

Highlighting Vancouver’s North Shore experience offerings by connecting each scene seamlessly (14 locations) in meaningful, tasteful transitions. This is a journey from sunrise to sunset through the beautiful region of Vancouver’s North Shore, a very special place close to many peoples hearts. This is Vancouver’s North Shore – Nowhere Better Natured.

Photography & production partner: Inmist

“The Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association is proud to have had LOKI undertake the rebranding of our very spectacular area. The entire process of branding, case studies, communication, photography and web design was impressive. Our members, and marketing committee felt well supported with their own ideas and how LOKI received us.

Any feedback given to LOKI was well noted, and then implemented to accommodate our sensitivities, and different regional needs. The end “product” or rebranding  presented to our many stake holders and Board of Directors, is something we are all now proud to now represent. We will continue with their insight and creative direction with confidence.  As well, moving to the future with LOKI to strengthen our brand presence.

You can be assured, that with their unique style, any organization will be successful in achieving their creative goals.”

Farah Stéen, President, Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism Association


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