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A brand as unique as the fitness method he created.

Shon Wong is a personal trainer in Vancouver, B.C. The Eastern Edge Method he created is committed to building strong dynamic sculpted bodies. It does so by bringing together a perfect combination of eastern craftsmanship by way of western exercises.

Loki was tasked with forming a bold, energetic brand that would make Shon Wong stand out in the saturated Vancouver fitness market. We partnered with Shon Wong on brand strategy, social media strategy, print design, digital graphics, and website design and build.

Shon Wong Personal Trainer Vancouver Branding Loki Creative Design Studio

‘Loki Creative has been an instrumental weapon in the birth of the Shon Wong brand. Their diligence in dissecting your business, service, goals and vision is exceptional and their dedication to your success and happiness is peerless. They’ve got their finger on the pulse on everything stylish, trendy, and favoured to today’s consumers. What more can you ask for?!’

Shon Wong, Founder of The Eastern Edge Method


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